Farmer Id Updation

Farmer ID updation:

Department of agriculture and farmers empowerment.

Steps for AAOs:

  • go to Odisha seed portal (i.e
  • After clicking on the above shown button the user will be redirect to login screen.
  • enter valid user id password and captcha as shown in screen and click on the login button.
  • After the successful login the a home screen will be shown.
  • Then click on for more details updates on link in the left side menu.
  • Enter farmer ID in the text box provided and click on the search button it will show the detail of farmer.
  • Only AAOs can change mobile number first Updation.
  • AAO should initiate request to CDAOs for updates on of the following.

  1. Correction /change of name
  2. Title change
  3. Father )husband name change
  4. GP village collection
  5. Gender change
  6. Aadhaar number inclusion edit
  7. Mobile number change for second time
  8. Correction change to bank details
  9. Change of category

With uploading proper document as mentioned in site.

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