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The controversy of privacy on WhatsApp the government is spending an entirely new approach its own version of WhatsApp sources in the ministry of electronics. 

App confirm 20 TV that to amps are presently being developed and tested and or in a beta stage of their pin code name some ward and Sandesh

When WhatsApp was fought over by Facebook they said they are not going to tap into any information on WhatsApp change it and to say that now we're going to use the metadata and we are going to use your communication with the business account is many people felt a breach of trust given on this and much before this WhatsApp controversy. we knew there was a raging debate on privacy on these platforms in big Tech companies. the war the government seems to be on Twitter with WhatsApp with Facebook this matter in quotes all of that is still happening.

It seems that this or that they are talking the talk to them but apart from the shorter banning. what really is the government doing. now we have learned the government is planning to bring in what many would now call is a Sarkari version of WhatsApp of pulley run fully Government of India owned and run WhatsApp for India.
there is to such as being developed as in this moment that is called Sandesh App and samvad  both of them are in a beta tester state. where are internally the various functionalities of the government are testing.  it is good enough good to go and then when it is good to go then it is going to be released for a rollout for the public has not yet decided .whether the phone is also going to be released. one will be released to for public and one will be for the internal communication of the government. because the government is also planning an instant messaging app for Sarkari babus. 

 This App is fully developed by NIC. means the Government of India so this app and interface has been developed by the government is being tested internally but I cannot be ruled out giving told by a source that this as will be shown to the prime minister to Ravi Shankar Prasad is the concerned minister and upon their approval and an executive decision will be taken 

 One version for the Government employees and one version for the general public concerns also as this news came out this morning on NDTV platforms a lot of people saying .that was one of the concerns that we have against WhatsApp and another big instant messaging apps is how they are planning to use our data .that is the alternative to privacy violation possible privacy violation by international apps of big Tech. sarkari WhatsApp or sarkari version.

what is the guarantee the Sarkar will not use your information for which I wait wants this is a sphere? obviously, the phone will have to be bad. how exactly is it going to convince people that don't let your data be used by the big tech for commercial games and keep your data safe with the Government of India .

what is the guarantee that the government of India will not use this data well this is fair and only the government can answer this question and address this year but as of this moment will feeling within the government is that the alternative to WhatsApp what is the harm in providing that alternative within this country.

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