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Know Your Land in Odisha :

KYL @ Odisha (ମୋ ଅବସ୍ଥିତି) (Know Your Land in Odisha) available in Google Play Store and Apple’s
App Store ( Web URL: is a location service App
developed ORSAC, Odisha,
utilizing the “Odisha RuRban4K Geo” Geospatial services. The App is developed by utilizing
georeferenced and geotagged administrative boundary and location data of “Odisha Rurban
4K Geo”.

With respect to the Point of Interest (POI) of the user, the Mobile App gives the Geo-
Location of POI and also provides
the additional Land Revenue Information with respect to the Point of Interest (POI) like name of District, Tehsil, CD Block, GP, Village, Khata number, Plot number, Owner’s Name, Land Type and Area in Hectare, Police Station Details (Thana Name & Code and
Distance of Thana). .

There may be some inadvertent and inherent technical errors due to mobile devices and usual mapping scale errors in the displayed data of the App, though the best possible precautions are taken to minimize the Geoinformatics errors. The data of this App is recommended only for planning and management purposes. However for Land Revenue related measurements, field DGPS Survey under standard operating procedures in presence of Revenue and Forest
Authorities is warranted.

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