Farmer id Download 2021


Farmers ID :

It is the identity card of farmers of Odisha.
The government of Odisha has launched this scheme for farmers .in this Card farmers can get more benefits.

What is a Farmers ID card:

It is an identity card for farmers. through this card farmers get benefits. In Odisha 80% of people are farmers. so govt of Odisha launched a scheme for them. Farmers were purchasing seed, compost, and pesticides but they were not getting benefits. after launched this scheme farmers are getting benefits.

Benefits of farmer ID card:

In farmer ID cards farmers can buy seed, pesticides & compost. if a farmer purchase through a farmer ID card you will get the subsidy. Subsidy money will transport to his bank account.

How to download farmer ID card :

If you want to download a farmer's ID Card you have to visit the official website of against. But on that website, there are a lot of options so it will be difficult to find that option. So I have given the Direct link of 
Farmers ID Download.

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